Dec 6, 2023

Webinar: Best Practices for Improving Uptime

Learn how top device operators minimize downtime for large device deployments, from their technology stack to the operating structures they implement.

Remote Management Tactics

Unlocking Uptime

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This webinar shares insights on implementing effective remote maintenance and support strategies in your organization. These best practices, used by teams responsible for remotely supporting large fleets of smart devices, are based on our data analysis across a diverse set of device types, use cases, operating systems, and deployment environments to gain the broadest perspective on what best-in-class remote support looks like.

Key Topics Discussed:

Understanding Downtime Root Causes

  • Data analysis of leading root causes of downtime across diverse set of device types. 
  • Resolution strategies by understanding core problems causing 70-80% of issues.

Benchmarks on Remote Resolve Rates

  • Benchmarking organizational efficiency in remote issue resolution.
  • Understanding how best-in-class teams send fewer technicians onsite. 

Enhancing Remote Resolve Toolkit

  • The importance of robust tools for remote issue identification and resolution.
  • Learn how best-in-class organizations attempt multiple remote resolutions before resorting to on-site visits, and impact on downtime and support costs.

Proactive Issue Identification

  • Strategies and technology solutions for early detection of issues to minimize downtime.
  • Impact on overall downtime equation and customer experience (fewer inbound tickets, and faster MTTR)

Leveraging Automated Resolutions

  • Understanding why 15-25% of Support tickets can be automated to minimize manual intervention in getting to a resolution. 
  • How to start with automation to ease Support burden, then move to device lifecycle management. 

Performance Analytics and Improvement Lifecycle

  • Impact of performance analytics on continuous uptime improvement and roadmap prioritization.
  • How to set up a performance analytics function and ensure collaboration between Support, Engineering, and Customer Success teams.

If your device solution has unique needs not covered in this webinar, or if you want to dive deeper, we invite you to contact us at with the subject line 'Free Assessment' for a personalized discussion on what minimizing downtime in your operations could look like.