Revolutionizing Remote Device Management

for Security Solutions in Self-Storage

Self-storage facilities rely on secure access control hardware solutions to ensure smooth operations and tenant satisfaction. However, managing hardware malfunctions and providing timely support can be challenging without a remote monitoring and management software tool. Canopy simplifies device management by offering a centralized view of deployed self-storage equipment, real-time health monitoring, and remote action capabilities. Discover how Canopy modernized operations, reduced costs, and enhanced customer experiences for our client.

THE Client

Leading Partner of Security Access Control

Our client is a leading provider of security access control hardware and software solutions for the self-storage industry. With a wide range of products, including access control systems, camera systems, keypads, door security, and mobile solutions, they serve global deployments, catering to the unique needs of self-storage facilities.

The Challenge

Managing hundreds of thousands of hardware deployments across numerous self-storage facilities, our client faced two significant challenges:

  • Limited remote access capabilities necessitated physical visits by facility operators or technicians to address system changes or monitor alerts. This resulted in frequent tenant access problems and delays in issue resolution.
  • Lack of centralized visibility made it difficult to track deployed hardware accurately, leading to manual and inaccurate inventory processes. Additionally, data capture from endpoints was limited
Before partnering with Canopy, if an alarm went off or a device went down, we would have no idea there was an issue unless a facility operator happened to be onsite. And once the issue was discovered, we would often have to go to the site to take action."
– VP of Support and Operations
THE Build

To address these challenges, our client partnered with Canopy to deploy our remote monitoring and management software alongside their existing hardware solutions. Canopy's platform was installed across more than 1,000 facilities, enabling the remote operations of 500,000 hardware components. Through this they were able to gain centralized health visibility, remote issue resolution capabilities, and streamlined fleet-wide asset management. Canopy's platform provided our client with real-time visibility into the health of their security system solutions. By enabling remote issue identification and resolution, Canopy eliminated the need for physical site visits to resolve issues promptly. Additionally, Canopy's asset management feature offered a comprehensive view of all deployed equipment, simplifying inventory management and empowering our client to identify devices in need of upgrades based on performance and age.

THE Results

Since the installation of Canopy, our client has achieved remarkable results:

  • Thousands of remote actions have saved tens of thousands of work hours by eliminating the need to travel onsite to physically adjust or check on the solution.
  • Canopy's robust data processing capabilities provided centralized visibility and facilitated the generation of on-demand operating reports.
  • The client's operations team leveraged Canopy's fleet-view asset management capabilities to optimize inventory counts and improve preventative maintenance with proactive equipment replacements.
“With Canopy, supporting facilities is not as labor-intensive as it used to be. Canopy's RMM platform allows us to manage our portfolio from a central location rather than having regional technicians all over the country physically work each of those sites. We saved countless hours on support and improved the tenant experience as a result."
– VP of Support and Operations

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