Remote device management made easy

Streamline maintenance and support with Canopy's powerful remote device management capabilities, allowing you to configure, update, and troubleshoot devices from anywhere.

A preview of how Canopy RMM manages devices in the customizable dashboard
Canopy RMM dashboard showing device locations
Actions menu for Canopy RMM automations
Canopy worldwide

Simplify your core device management tasks

Canopy offers a scalable way to maintain and support your network of unattended devices.

Software & Configuration Management

Automatically keep your devices up to date with the latest software and firmware versions or target specific groups of devices for updates. Organize updates that are applicable to specific device types to streamline deployment options and allow your team more flexibility in who is allowed to deploy software updates. Manage and version the configuration of your devices for easy tracking and reporting.

Fleet View / Fleet Management

Get critical device details in a centralized view that is customizable in the fields and attributes that you want to collect. Create and populate custom fields that are unique to your deployment and device management needs.

Flexible Device Organization

Organize devices into custom views based on unique attributes (e.g., location, customer account, OS types, etc.) to speed up your workflows.

Custom Remote Actions

Create custom actions that run against your choice of devices at time schedules that are convenient for you and your system.

Remote Access

With 1-click, launch remote desktop (Windows) or SSH (Linux) sessions from Canopy to perform critical tasks like file transfers, log exploration, etc.

Canopy RMM dashboard example showing more device details
inventory & asset management

All device details at your fingertips

Any and all attributes of a device, like device location, hardware version, and OS, can be seen from a centralized view within Canopy, with the ability to create custom fields and populate them based on events coming from the devices.

Bulk Actions & filters

Filter by key attributes and run bulk actions

Create custom filters tailored to your needs to improve your workflow. Take bulk actions on chosen devices from a single click.

Canopy software RMM shows an example of how to manage devices in bulk
Linux Devices

via Canopy Connect SSH System

Windows Devices

via Splashtop™ integration

Remote Access Capabilities

Launch remote desktop sessions with 1-click

We get it, sometimes you just need to remote into one of your devices and have a look around. Canopy offers the ability to remotely connect to your devices for interactive sessions over SSH (Linux) or Remote Desktop via Splashtop™ (Windows).

With Canopy, we can quickly access and action relevant data that’s coming off our devices. We don’t need to pull in a senior technical resource to parse log files – we just have Canopy extract that data right to our fingertips.”


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