All your connected products, managed automatically

Remotely monitor and manage kiosks, security systems, smart lockers, point-of-sale systems, and more. Product and technical support teams automate remote device management and proactively attack downtime — with Canopy.

Canopy helps automate workflows for self healing and management
Canopy example monitoring and management dashboard
Set Canopy notifications such as for when devices are offline or devices update successfully
Canopy sees how many devices are online
Set up custom automation of your workflow with Canopy

Managing connected product fleets worldwide

See and solve remote device problems

Every day, thousands of connected products — self-checkout kiosks, camera systems, smart lockers, etc. — stop working. When products go down, customers get frustrated. Revenue is lost. Brands are damaged.

Meanwhile, the teams responsible for these products are stuck reacting, resorting to costly manual repairs and truck rolls. They lack a platform to manage their connected product fleet at scale.

But not anymore.

Proactive remote device management is here with Canopy.

Canopy connects deeply and completely to any remote product. With Canopy, teams can monitor and manage every aspect and endpoint, including hardware, software, peripherals, OS, network settings, and more.

Connected product and technical support teams use Canopy to automate remote device management. With Canopy, they see and solve problems — attacking downtime proactively — and you can too.

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Decrease device downtime and reduce costly support

Canopy is an INC 5000 List award winnerCanopy is Georgia top 40 innovative companies
Capterra rates Canopy highly


Decrease in customer calls regarding downtime


Decrease in onsite support and maintenance costs


Reduction in support alerts through automations


hours per month in manual support labor saved

Manage your unique device ecosystem

It only takes one link in the chain going down to put your entire deployment environment at risk. Canopy is device and OS agnostic allowing you to manage all your solutions' components in one place.

Canopy helps monitor and manage power sources
Power source
Canopy helps manage and monitor servers and smart devices
Core server or smart device
Canopy helps automate firmware and OS version updates
Firmware and OS version
Canopy monitors and manages peripheral componenets
Peripheral components
Canopy monitors and manages custom software applications
Custom software apps
Canopy monitors and manages your network connectivity

All of your components, in a centralized platform

Canopy’s hardware and OS agnostic compatibility allow you to manage all your devices in one place. No more switching between RMM solutions or writing custom scripts to work around basic RMM capabilities.