Finally, one platform for network device monitoring

Canopy's remote monitoring software gives you a centralized view of your entire fleet of deployed devices.

Canopy Dashboard to monitor devices
Canopy devices online notification
canopy notifications monitoring offline devices
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Monitor what you care about most.

Canopy not only goes "wide" by connecting to every device type but also dives "deep" to ensure you have detailed insights on each device's unique attributes.

Multi-OS capabilities

From the basics like iOS, Windows, and Linux to the seemingly impossible derivative operating systems, Canopy can connect to, manage all device types, and run on all Operating Systems in your solution.

Customizable Dashboards

Configurable to the way you think about your unique solution. Canopy Dashboards allow you to design them to put the info you care about the most at your fingertips.

Real-Time Status Updates

In Canopy, when the status of any device (or device component) changes, you see it and can be notified in real time.

Multi-Tenancy and Branding

White label our platform with custom branding and organize devices according to accounts, locations, or types with nested hierarchies.

The difference between Canopy and other Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solutions is how deep Canopy goes into the device…. No other product on the market today tells me ‘your device is really doing what it needs to do’...


Reported Uptime


Increase in Deployment Visibility