automated workflows to save time

Experience unmatched efficiency and uptime through Canopy. Automatically trigger device actions that address hardware and software issues before they impact performance.

Unlock new efficiencies by automating key daily tasks

Take a closer look into the automation features that Canopy has to offer.

Automated Remote Resolve

Self-heal through automating your manual L1 troubleshooting steps with Canopy's drag and drop automation workflow tool. Give time back to support resources, and go from reactive to proactive.

Smart Alerts and Notifications

Stay-in-the-know with real time alerts to the Canopy app, email, text, and Slack, or a ticket within your incident management system.

Device Lifecycle Management

Automate onboarding, provisioning, and the software lifecycle update process. Set an ideal desired state for the device and let Canopy take care of the rest.

Configuration Management

Ensure your devices are always aligned to their ideal state(s) by setting up workflow automations that take corrective action.

Self-Service Workflow Automations

Take the load off your Technical Support team by setting “low-code” event triggers to self-run your systems. From device toggling, auto-rebooting, error logging, and more.

Smart Alerts & self healing

Resolve issues without intervention

When a device has gone into an unhealthy state, set smart automations that identify the issue and take prescribed resolution steps based on if-this-than-that logic built by your team.

Onboarding & Provisioning

Onboard new devices at scale

Onboarding and updating devices shouldn’t be a manual and time-consuming process. Through Canopy, once a device has been loaded into the system, use automated actions to get your devices into their ideal state.

Automations are the thing that gives my support team the time to breathe, pick our heads up, and focus on the big-picture initiatives. Before, we were too busy firefighting to think strategically and proactively...


Reduction in National Retail Solution Ticket Volume


Speed of Device Deployment