Canopy Streamlines Support and Optimizes Performance

for Access Control Provider ButterflyMX

Discover how ButterflyMX leveraged Canopy to remotely manage their building access control systems. By automating software restarts and system reboots, Canopy significantly streamlined support labor, maximized uptime, and enabled a proactive, customer-focused organization.

THE Client

ButterflyMX provides access control solutions to more than 10,000 multifamily and commercial properties across the country.

Throughout these properties, ButterflyMX has installed and deployed more than 20,000 of its access control devices including video intercoms, access controllers, vehicle readers, smart locks, and package rooms, all of which provide property access to nearly one million people per day.

The Challenge

ButterflyMX needed a single platform to manage both Windows-and Linux-based access control solutions. The company continues to experience explosive growth and was looking for a remote monitoring and management tool that would enable them to support their rapid device deployment in a scalable way.

THE Build

ButterflyMX’s access control software is both Windows- and Linux-based and interfaces with their top-rated iOS and Android mobile apps that property staff, residents, and visitors use to open their building’s doors, gates, and elevators. ButterflyMX also offers a web-based property management dashboard which allows administrators to review access logs, add & remove users, and remotely manage building entry.

"Canopy is a game-changer that simplifies our daily operations. It automates manual tasks, such as device reboots, that previously consumed a significant amount of our time. It allows us to focus on tasks that require the most attention and provides a substantial boost to our overall efficiency."
- Martin Mihalj, VP of Support at ButterflyMX
THE Results

Canopy has enabled ButterflyMX to efficiently scale its deployment by:

  • Saving support team members 3 to 6 hours per day with custom workflows that remotely and automatically complete numerous primary support tasks.
  • Unlocking data and insights around solution performance that enables consistent product enhancements.
  • Enabling 50% growth in deployment size, with only a 15% increase in team headcount, empowering their support team to continue to gain scale.

Canopy Outcome

  • Part 1: Through Canopy's automation capabilities, ButterflyMX built several proactive self-healing workflow automations that saved their support team a collective 1,000 hours each month.
  • Part 2: Utilizing Canopy’s analytics module, ButterflyMX tracked their fleet’s monthly performance and usage metrics and leveraged this data to prioritize relevant product enhancements, which significantly improved the customer experience.

"Canopy helped us identify strategies to enhance our product experience by tracking critical elements of application performance each month. We used Canopy’s analytics to prioritize roadmap initiatives and release positive updates to the mobile app, which boosted our user experience."
- Joe Boyle, VP of Software Engineering at ButterflyMX

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