Third party integration made seamless

Connect Canopy with your existing technologies using our REST API-driven architecture, enabling third party integration and unlocking new possibilities.

Canopy RMM integrates with many third party applications and APIs

Connect to anything

Meet Leaf

To facilitate connectivity with devices, our software agent, Leaf, is installed on hardware and, in turn, Leaf securely connects to Canopy in the cloud. Leaf ensures effortless device connections through a range of flexible deployment capabilities. Once on the device, Leaf centralizes software updates for both the agent and peripheral devices across your network. All communication is originated from the device with no need to open ports or configure inbound firewall rules.

Leaf is lightweight and Operating System agnostic, running out-of-the-box on Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

Canopy Integrations showing connections
Starter Plug-ins

Out of the box Leaf plug-ins enable a broad range of capabilities that help you understand at a granular level what's happening on each device.

Robust Plug-In Architecture
SNMP Monitor
Stomp Queue Watcher
MQTT Topic Consumer
Ping Monitor
Log File Watchers
Log File Appenders
Software Monitor
Generic Hardware Monitor
Database Watcher
File Watchers
Versions Watchers
Build Your Own!

You can write your own leaf plug-ins to monitor anything on your system. Leaf supports several methods to communicate with a local installation of Leaf, and back to the Canopy enterprise. When you develop your leaf plug-in, you are in complete control - you choose the language, installation and running technique, data packages, and reporting frequency.

4 Supported Methods for Leaf Plug-Ins
File System
Message Queue

Enterprise APIs

Canopy’s APIs

Canopy provides a REST API for all interactions with the platform. The API allows a customer to perform the full operation set that Canopy offers. The API is controlled by the same RBAC security model that the Canopy Portal adheres to, so Admins can control exactly what API users can see and do with the platform.

Third party integrations

Canopy seamlessly integrates with external systems, either as a data source or as a data recipient. This flexibility ensures smooth data exchanges between platforms, whether they are from the device or another software app.

Automation Use Case

Canopy can both publish information to APIs, such as ticketing systems, and retrieve data from APIs to make informed decisions and take automated actions, like determining whether to reboot a device.

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