Reducing Downtime, Maximizing Efficiency

Canopy's Success with Hospital Linen Kiosks

Discover how Canopy transformed the operations of a global linen distribution solution provider, enabling efficient remote device management and reducing the need for costly onsite tech support. With Canopy's robust RMM platform, the client achieved enterprise-level visibility, remote software and firmware deployment, and proactive issue resolution, significantly improving operational efficiency.

THE Client

Fleet of more than 9,000 automated linen distribution kiosks

IPA is a leading provider of linen and specialty uniform solutions worldwide, serving over 1,000 healthcare facilities with a fleet of more than 9,000 automated linen distribution kiosks. Their goal is to enhance the clean linen distribution process to reduce infection risks and lower hospital costs with their advanced hardware / software solution.

The Challenge

Onsite Support and User Experience in Healthcare Facilities

IPA wanted to reduce its reliance on costly third-party repair technicians to provide onsite support and improve the user experience of their product inside healthcare facilities. They aimed to do this by improving their remote management capabilities with enterprise-level visibility across all endpoints and the ability to remotely resolve issues with automation.

"We wanted to take a proactive and data-driven approach to remote device management so our support efforts could become more efficient."
- Steve Blomberg, Director of Product Development at IPA
THE Build

Canopy was installed across IPA’s healthcare facilities, providing them with centralized “fleet” visibility, endpoint level data capture, and remote management capabilities. By leveraging Canopy's off-the-shelf platform, IPA gained observability and control over previously unconnected devices, opening new opportunities for product improvements. With Canopy's RMM platform, the client achieved unprecedented visibility into their entire fleet of automated linen distribution kiosks. They utilized Canopy to proactively track underperforming machines, address downtime issues, and optimize kiosk operations remotely. Canopy proactively generates issue alerts and facilitates remote resolutions on thousands of machines critical to patient care in hospitals.

"We looked at building this ourselves but realized Canopy’s off-the-shelf software and expertise would provide the best results."
- Steve Blomberg, Director of Product
THE Results

The Power of Canopy:

  • Drastic reduction in onsite support visits.
  • Remote fixes and upgrades performed, saving time and resources.
  • Enhanced service delivery and uninterrupted operations.
  • Improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Future potential for further utilization of Canopy's capabilities.

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