Analyze & Report

Make data driven decisions

Gain valuable insights into device uptime and performance trends with Canopy's analytical capabilities, empowering you to make data driven decisions and drive your product roadmap.

Give your customers a full report demonstrating how you are delivering superior uptime. 

Analyze device system performance using canopy remote device management
Analytics Card showing a circle graph to communicate information in Canopy RMM
Analytics card showing total actions for Canopy RMM

Analyze quickly using the powerful features of Canopy

Measure the unique health and performance data collected by Canopy over historical periods to spot trends and identify downtime root causes.

Performance Reporting

Leverage Canopy's stock reports for daily, weekly or monthly tracking of availability SLA adherence. Automated report distribution can be used for internal or customer facing use cases.

Trend Analysis

Build customized analytics dashboards to suit the way you think about your business and Issue Root-Cause Identification.

Performance Optimization & Roadmap Prioritization

Use Canopy's granular analytics tool to evaluate solution performance and identify areas for hardware or software improvements. Make data-driven decisions on how to optimize better performance.

Canopy showing a dashboard of device data analyzation using various graphs and charts

Actionable Insights to optimize your fleet

Use Canopy Analytics to view any attributes, actions, or other data historically over time to track performance of your solution and pinpoint potential hardware or software enhancements. Gain actionable insights that better help you understand how to optimize your fleet.


Generate reports automatically

With Canopy, generate and export reports to make data-informed decisions and identify patterns or anomalies that could impact future strategies. Additionally, reports can be automatically generated and sent to your team or customers.

Canopy software example of Exporting data to clients and internal teams

Quickly get up and running

Plug and play your devices with Canopy Analytics and automatically get provided Canned Reports, Analytics Dashboards, and other templates to cut down on reporting time.

Customizable & Stock Reports
Standard Analytics Dashboards
Customizable Analytics for Unique Device Date captured in Canopy
Analytics helped us identify an issue with our app by showing the number of automations we ran to fix that recurring issue. Analytics were helpful in identifying the issue, so we could release some positive fixes to the app.


Increase in Uptime


Increased Visibility