What do 200K down devices teach about keeping connected products up and running?

New research from Canopy shows how to attack downtime and automate remote device management for kiosks, smart lockers, camera systems, and more.

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What happens when a self-checkout kiosk, security system, point-of-sale device, or other connected product goes down with no one around to fix it? Nothing good! Down devices mean frustrated customers, lost revenue, and costly support work. Worst of all? Downtime breaks the customer experience.

Leading connected product and technical support teams are combining new technology with better processes to monitor and manage their remote product fleets. They’re attacking downtime, and you can too.

In this report, discover:

  • The top 15 drivers of downtime — plus the remote resolution pathways available for technical support teams as well as their likelihood of success
  • How the leaders vs. laggers stack up when it comes to resolving downtime issues before sending out costly in-person technical support (a.k.a. “truck rolls”)
  • The opportunity to automate — and how proactive, leading organizations spot issues before customers

Learn How to Reduce Device Downtime

Download this report to discover top causes of remote device downtime — and how leading connected product providers keep kiosks, smart lockers, and more up and running.

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Overcoming Downtime, 2024 Research From Canopy