Network devices are the backbone of any hardware solution, and their seamless operation is essential for uninterrupted service and a smooth customer experience. Monitoring and managing network devices is a key aspect of ensuring your solution is performing as needed.

Real-time monitoring

Canopy provides real-time visibility into network connectivity status, network strength, and bandwidth utilization.

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Prevent downtime

Canopy alerts you to potential issues with data consumption, network quality, and offline devices – allowing for proactive management to resolve issues before a customer calls.


Canopy integrates with several leading connectivity providers like CradlePoint, OptConnect, Digi, and others.

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Power Supply (UPS)

UPS devices protect hardware solutions from power disruptions and ensure continuous operations. Ensuring UPS devices are available is crucial to prevent downtime and data loss during power outages.

Monitor UPS Health

Canopy provides real-time UPS health monitoring, battery status, and power usage data.

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Verify the cause of issues

Canopy sends alerts when UPS devices are put into use or when battery levels are low. Canopy’s monitoring of the PDU can verify that local power issues are indeed the cause of downtime vs. network or other issues.


Smart power devices enable efficient power management and remote-control capabilities. Monitoring and managing these devices helps ensure support teams have a backdoor when local power issues occur and helps prevent truck rolls just for a hard power cycle.

Real-time monitoring

Canopy provides real-time monitoring of smart power devices, tracks power consumption, and enables remote power control and scheduling.

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Detect Potential Power Issues

Canopy alerts you to abnormal power usage patterns and potential device issues. Canopy also allows you to activate smart power strips automatically when local power issues are detected.

Smart Power Integrations

Canopy seamlessly integrates with smart power devices from leading manufacturers, empowering you to monitor, control, and automate power management tasks within your hardware solution.

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IoT devices and sensors play a crucial role in gathering data and connecting the physical world to digital systems. Monitoring and managing IoT devices that are a peripheral part of your solution is critical to ensuring holistic health and performance reliability.

Monitor IoT Device Connectivity, Health & more

Canopy offers real-time visibility into IoT device health, data transmission, and key attributes for management.

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IoT Integrations

Canopy can integrate with various IoT devices via API, including sensors, actuators, gateways, and control systems, allowing you to monitor, manage, and automate IoT device operations.

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Peripherals such as printers, scanners, card readers, and cameras are vital components for any hardware solution where they are included. Their proper functioning is essential for holistic uptime.

Monitor Peripheral Health

Canopy provides real-time monitoring of peripheral health, including status, and error conditions. Monitoring and managing peripherals ensure their availability and performance for end users.

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Alerts & Automations

Canopy alerts you to issues and allows for proactive maintenance to prevent disruptions. In several cases it can perform remote resets of peripherals which can help offline components come back online.

Peripheral Integrations

Canopy integrates with various peripheral types from leading manufacturers, such as Epson, Ingenico and more.

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IP cameras are essential components inside many hardware solutions. Monitoring and managing IP cameras ensures they are properly functioning, video quality, and security to maintain a safe environment.

Real-time Monitoring

Canopy provides real-time monitoring of IP camera online/offline status, key device attributes, and other critical device data.

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Alerts & Automations

It alerts you to camera hardware malfunctions, or video loss, allowing for prompt action. Canopy also enables automated and remote firmware upgrades to deployed devices.

IP Camera Integrations

Canopy seamlessly integrates with IP cameras from leading manufacturers, such as Axis and Hanwha.

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Our API driven architecture allows Canopy to send and receive data from custom 3rd party apps or unique devices.

Data Push

Canopy can send device data to external apps / devices in desired formats so you can continue to leverage your existing technology infrastructure and tools.

Data Pull

Canopy can retrieve real-time data from custom applications, OEM portals, or device types to update device info or even trigger automations inside Canopy.

Some of Our Integrations

Canopy seamlessly integrates with powerful CRM tools, ticketing platforms, and asset management platforms.

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