Canopy Helps Digital Golf Solution Provider

to Scale and Support Devices Across Hundreds of Courses

Discover how Canopy transformed the operations of a national golf technology company by providing streamlined scalability and enhanced support for their unattended hole-in-one contests across 400 golf courses. With Canopy's remote monitoring and management platform, the company overcame the challenges of managing a rapidly growing fleet of devices, reducing downtime, and maximizing revenue.


Digital Golf Solution Provider for Hundreds of Courses

Our client is a national digital golf game company that has revolutionized the sport with their automated hole-in-one contests. Their system utilizes cameras and point-of-sale terminals, serving approximately 400 golf courses across the country. With thousands of unattended devices, managing hardware SKUs, firmware, and software became a significant challenge.

The Challenge

Managing SKUs and Operation Interruptions

As the company rapidly expanded, managing multiple SKUs and ensuring uninterrupted operations became increasingly difficult. Camera and point-of-sale (POS) outages disrupted game play, leading to lost transactions and frustrated players. The company needed a way to remotely monitor and manage their systems, overcome downtime issues, and simplify their tech stack.

"Without endpoint monitoring, managing devices at scale was impossible. If a device goes down, customers can't transact, and we lose revenue."
THE Build

Canopy's remote monitoring and management software was placed on the company's hardware infrastructure, offering centralized visibility and automated remote resolutions. This empowered the company to build remote automations, ensuring efficient monitoring, maintenance, and initiative-taking management of their large and diverse device fleet. Canopy provided the company with a simplified endpoint and device management solution. It offered real-time visibility, troubleshooting alerts, and remote access capabilities for hundreds of devices, ensuring uninterrupted game play. Canopy's seamless integrations also allowed the company to consolidate endpoint data into other back-end systems, simplifying their tech stack and expanding the platform's value.

“The real differentiator was the large number and types of devices Canopy can connect to."
THE Results

Since implementing Canopy, the company has experienced remarkable outcomes:

  • Drastically reduced downtime and eliminated the need for additional Level 1 support representatives.
  • Tripled the number of deployed sites without increasing the size of the support team.
  • Improved speed to recovery and reliability through automatic alerts and root cause identification.
  • Enhanced efficiency in the field, preventing downtime and maximizing revenue.
"Canopy gave us centralized visibility and automated issue resolution so we could scale our business without increasing support staff.”

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