Mar 16, 2023

Canopy and signageOS announce partnership to offer RMM solution for digital signage operators

Canopy and signageOS are excited to announce their partnership to offer a complete remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution for digital signage

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ATLANTA (March 16, 2023) — This integration brings together two industry-leading companies to deliver a solution where customers get visibility not only to all their digital signage, but to many other hardware devices, all in one platform. Canopy enables support teams to see the real-time health of deployed smart devices, and through this deep integration partnership with signageOS, operators can now monitor and manage all the hardware that their digital signage network composes of in a single dashboard.

“signageOS is all about being able to remotely manage any digital signage device, including the player management, regardless of the underlying platform, hardware and operating system. Now we have the opportunity to expand beyond digital signage by partnering with Banyan Hills Technologies [Canopy], an industry leader in remote monitoring and management with a hardware agnostic platform. Our combined offering significantly increases value to our customers and unlocks many new opportunities,” said Stan Richter, CEO signageOS. “We will use the knowledge both our companies have acquired over the year to bring a truly world-class product to the market.”

The partnership with signageOS will allow Canopy, formerly Banyan Hills Technology, customers to benefit from deep integrations with dozens of smart displays, media players, and OEM hardware platforms. The combined Banyan-signageOS solution offers the tools operators need to achieve best-in-class uptime by simplifying health and performance monitoring and visibility across various devices types.

“This is a milestone partnership in the digital signage industry,” said Steve Latham, CEO and founder of Canopy. “By expanding our collaboration with signageOS and combining its first-class digital signage integrations with our leading remote monitoring and management platform, we’re giving digital signage operators a powerful set of capabilities to better support their operations.”

About Canopy, formerly Banyan Hills Technology

Canopy is a flexible remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform that gives visibility to the health of deployed “smart” devices so support teams can identify outages remotely and reduce response time.

About signageOS

The world’s leading unification platform for digital signage, remote device management, and content delivery. With signageOS, you can easily run your CMS content or any other app on any digital signage device with SoC or media player. Through one comprehensive codebase, signageOS provides an advanced unification layer, device management, and version control software support to CMS companies, display manufacturers, and media playback device suppliers.

After years of testing and development, signageOS has acquired the knowledge and skills to efficiently build and maintain native applications for SoC displays, different operating systems, and many external players. The company’s aim is to simplify digital signage by removing hardware/software compatibility issues that frustrate many CMS companies, managed solution companies and integrators. signageOS is here to ensure that the industry has its own standard API for display and player communication, regardless of the operating system or display brand.

For more information on the Banyan Hills and signageOS partnership, please visit:

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Our sandbox environment allows you to experience Canopy and explore how you can tailor our remote monitoring and management platform to your specific needs.

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Deliver reliable uptime with a remote monitoring and management software tailored for your unique deployment. Canopy works behind the scenes to ensure you can deliver a best-in-class product experience to your customers.

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