August 17, 2023

Banyan Hills Technologies Embraces a New Era with Rebrand to "Canopy"

Banyan Hills Technologies proudly announces its transition and rebrand to “Canopy”.

Press Release

ATLANTA, GA - August 17, 2023 -Today, Banyan Hills Technologies proudly announces its transition and rebrand to “Canopy”, a name initially chosen for Banyan's RMM platform in 2016. In recognizing the strength of a unified brand, we've decided to embrace "Canopy" fully, representing the product we provide to customers and partners.

This announcement coincides with several other key milestones for the company, including celebrating our tenth anniversary and our return to Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing private companies.

CEO and founder, Steve Latham, reflects on this transformative moment: "As we hit our 10-year anniversary this month, we are serving the largest number of Canopy customers to date. The transition into a Canopy-led business is a milestone we envisioned over a decade ago, and it's thrilling to see this vision realized."

A Glimpse into the Canopy Journey:

  • 2013:  Banyan Hills Technologies founded with the vision to build Canopy, a universal RMM platform.

  • 2013-2015:  Banyan’s Software and IoT Consulting Services generate the revenue required to fund the buildout of the Canopy software platform.

  • 2016:  First release of Canopy RMM platform for commercial use.

  • 2016-2021:  The company grows both its Consulting Services and Canopy product businesses, achieving revenue milestones that lead to the inaugural inclusion in the Inc. 5000 list.

  • 2020-2021:  Banyan pivots away from consulting services, prioritizing Canopy go-to-market expansion, product development, and customer success.

  • 2023:  Inc. 5000 recognizes Canopy as one of the 450 fastest growing software companies in the U.S., a significant milestone for the company.

Today, Canopy is now the RMM choice for leading global brands, serving customers across five continents and managing over a million connected devices.

"This rebrand and shift to becoming a product led business isn't just about a name change; it encapsulates our journey from an idea in 2013 to the global presence we have today." said Latham. "Every startup begins with a dream, and ours was Canopy. While we are proud of this significant step forward, and we are even more excited for what the future holds."

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About Canopy:

Formerly Banyan Hills Technologies, Canopy is a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform that helps unattended solution providers proactively monitor device health and automate issue resolution to keep their deployments up and running.