Sep 4, 2018

Growth in Unattended Retail Industry Boosted by Remote Monitoring and Management Capabilities

Modern vending machines and automated retail options have rapidly grown in popularity, fueled by convenience, efficiency and safety.

Trends & Insights

Unattended retail continues to grow in popularity and expand offerings, popping up in an increasing number of locations with a broader array of conveniences. From flashy vending machines in airports to personalized customer experiences, unattended retail is poised to continue a hot streak of growth – and remote monitoring and management software is providing the glue and grease for successful expansion industry-wide.

Unattended Retail Trends

Unattended retail is having its day. Modern vending machines and automated retail options have rapidly grown in popularity, fueled by convenience, efficiency and safety.New ways to incorporate unattended retail into more – and even unexpected –places are also giving rise to a new way of making purchases and experiencing retail, giving businesses new ways to attract and retain customers.

Among the hottest unattended retail trends are:

Cashless payments: With the rise of digital payments, unattended retail has continued to adopt and rollout cashless payment options, including through mobile payments and digital wallets. This trend is expected to continue as consumers demand easy, seamless and one-click payment options.

Personalization:Unattended retail continues to expand its offerings of personalized experiences to customers through data collection and analytics. Vending machines, for example, can recommend products based on a customer’s past purchase history and even suggest items based on the time of day.

AI andRobotics: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics have become an essential integration into unattended retail, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Smart vending machines are now able to monitor inventory levels, restock automatically and even predict future demand.

Sustainability: As consumers demand more environmentally conscious options, unattended retail has taken its part by offering eco-friendly packaging and products. Vending machines can be a source for biodegradable materials and products with sustainable packaging. Unattended retail also brings less use of space, more efficient transactions, and other sustainable features overall.

Unattended retail is expected to continue its expansion into new markets and frontiers, including expanded offerings in hospitals, airports, office buildings and other spots where convenient access to products presents opportunity.

RMM Delivers Right Partnership

On the other side of unattended retail options are increasingly sophisticated technology support needs. Customer demand and expectation means retail devices must be able to operate seamlessly each time, for each transaction, and avoid downtime and glitches.

Thankfully, unattended retail operators have found the perfect partner in remote monitoring and management software, allowing them to expand offerings and grow networks confidently.

Remote monitoring and management software can help scale unattended retail in a number of ways, including:

Real-time monitoring: Remote monitoring software allows operators to monitor the status of vending machines and other unattended retail devices in real-time. This helps operators quickly identify and resolve any issues, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Predictive maintenance: Remote monitoring software can analyze data from vending machines and other devices to predict when maintenance or repairs maybe needed. This allows operators to proactively schedule maintenance, reducing the risk of downtime and improving the overall reliability of the machines.

Inventory management: Remote monitoring software can help operators keep track of inventory levels and monitor product sales. This allows operators to restock vending machines and other devices more efficiently, reducing the risk of stock outs and improving the overall customer experience.

Remote updates: Remote management software allows operators to update software and firmware on vending machines and other devices remotely. This reduces the need for on-site maintenance and allows operators to quickly implement new features or address security vulnerabilities.

Data analytics: Remote monitoring software can collect and analyze data from vending machines and other devices, providing operators with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. This allows operators to make data-driven decisions about product offerings and pricing.

Overall, remote monitoring and management software can help operators scale unattended retail by improving efficiency, reducing downtime, and providing valuable data insights.

Key Back-Up Support

RMM platforms like Canopy offer critical support to unattended retail operators and keep devices running, reducing downtime and decreasing the need for on-site technical support. Canopy has helped its clients set up customized alert systems, so that issues are detected – and fixed – before customers notice.

RMM support cuts down on costs by reducing the need for truck rolls, while increasing the ability to grow and scale device networks. In fact, Canopy can handle hundreds, even thousands of devices across multiple networks, and allow operators to keep track of device health and function remotely.

Leveraging advances in RMM capability is leaving the door wide open for increasing uses for unattended retail, including interactive displays that enhance customer experience and a diversification of product offerings, from electronics and personal care items and even prescription drug delivery.

RMM has brightened the future of the unattended retail industry, with no signs of slowing down.

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