Jan 18, 2024

Step-by-Step Guide Through Canopy’s Onboarding Process

From the initial kick-off call, to implementation, training, and ongoing support, the Canopy team is with you every step of the onboarding journey to ensure your success.

Michael Plachta
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Introduction: Welcome to Canopy’s Onboarding Process

Whatever your connected product — kiosk, smart locker, smart vending machine, simulator, camera system, signage, whatever! — with Canopy, soon your entire team will be able to monitor and manage your remote device fleet, from fixing configuration problems at scale to automating all kinds of updates.

But first things first. Now that you've got your contract signed, let's get you onboarded and up and running. The Canopy team will be with you every step of the way to ensure your success and help you quickly realize value.

Getting Started with The Implementation

Once contracting is complete and you're ready to start using Canopy, the first step is to schedule an initial kick-off call. The Implementation team at Canopy will reach out to you for this. During this call they will review your use case, challenges, and goals for your Canopy deployment. They will also set an implementation schedule with recurring meetings to review progress. The implementation process in general is a very collaborative effort between the Canopy team and you the customer. 

As Canopy is most powerful when it is configured and designed for your specific use case and devices, it requires various levels of integration work to be completed to ensure the full value is being reached. You can expect the implementation period to take several weeks, though each customer is different based on the complexity of the implementation. Check out our recent blog post titled RMM Implementation: A Step-by-Step Guide for a high-level breakdown of the tasks and timelines you should expect when implementing an enterprise-grade RMM. 

Transitioning from Implementation into Full-Scale Operations and User Training

After you’ve fully onboarded and implemented Canopy across your devices, the next step in the process is to be introduced to Canopy’s Customer Success team. Our Customer Success team will be your support and account management contacts going forward. Your Implementation Manager will coordinate a meeting to introduce you to the Customer Success team. During this intro meeting the Customer Success team will review your implementation to ensure everything is completed as expected. They will also plan out our training and onboarding schedule. 

Customers are typically scheduled for 4-12 weeks of recurring weekly meetings to conduct training classes and enhance their knowledge of leveraging the Canopy platform. The meetings are meant to be collaborative, and we encourage you to ask as many questions as you want. The goal of these 4-12 weeks is to ensure your core Canopy administration team has a thorough understanding of how to utilize Canopy and all its capabilities to enhance performance and reduce the downtime of your devices.

Ongoing Support and Account Management with Canopy’s Customer Success Team 

However, your support does not end after the conclusion of those 4-12 weeks of product training for your Canopy administration team. Once this training has been completed, you will move into an ongoing support and account success model. 

Canopy utilizes an online support portal where you can enter support tickets, whether they are bugs, task requests, new feature ideas, or just general questions. Our support team is always quick to answer whatever requests come in. If included in your plan, we will establish a regular meeting schedule with the Canopy Customer Success team to review any open support tickets and discuss future needs. These meetings range from being weekly to monthly and are determined based on which Canopy plan you choose

Our Goal: Faster Time to Realized Value, Better Results, and Happier Customers

The goal of the Canopy team is to ensure you are getting the most value out of your deployment, and to see that any issues you encounter are dealt with expediently. As such, in addition to the online support portal, you will be given escalation contacts that you can reach out to directly, should anything urgent occur that needs immediate attention.

Whether it’s the implementation phase, the onboarding phase, or the continuing support phase of your journey with Canopy, there will always be someone with you working side by side to ensure your success.

If you are still uncertain about the right next steps on your RMM strategy, we’d love to hear from you and see if Canopy may be able to help. Our team is dedicated to your success, not just up to the sale, but all the way through to full implementation and value realization. Reach out to us at to learn more about the Canopy experience and how we pave the path to success together!

Ready to chat? Let's get started.

Deliver reliable uptime with a remote monitoring and management software tailored for your unique deployment. Canopy works behind the scenes to ensure you can deliver a best-in-class product experience to your customers.

Michael Plachta
As a Senior Account Manager at Canopy, Michael is deeply involved in customer success, Canopy operations, and remote device management.

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