Minimize downtime with Canopy's
Kiosk Management Software

Streamline operations and enhance customer experience with kiosk management and monitoring.

Canopy manages kiosks

A single source of truth for kiosk management

Teams responsible for supporting kiosk deployments need an RMM capable of connecting to and managing all the critical components, not just the PC.

Canopy enables easy kiosk management will full visibility and control over all the critical aspects of a kiosk ecosystem to ensure that your unique solution is always up and running.

The Kiosk Device Ecosystem

Canopy monitors and manages key components of a kiosk, including the PC, touchscreens, credit card readers, printers, scanners, cameras, and more.

Canopy RMM technical diagram example

Kiosk Management Software Core Features

Canopy ensures continuous availability of kiosk services, remotely resolves issues to minimize downtime, and provides real-time insights for performance optimization.

Real-time monitoring of kiosk peripheral components
Remote reboots of hardware or select software services
Remote access and troubleshooting
Smart alerts based on customizable thresholds
Device onboarding, provisioning, and on-going configuration management
Automated self healing actions
by remotely resolving issues
Ensure Ideal Configuration
Manage configurations across your entire fleet
Prevent Lost Transactions
Reduce "walk-aways" or failed transactions by knowing holistic health status of your kiosk
No product on the market today is telling me 'is your device is really doing what it needs to do'. I need to know that the kiosk is transactable vs. just seeing if it's online.


decrease in the time required to deploy new software updates


informational kiosk devices managed