Feb 15, 2023

Video Tutorial: Streamline Support Labor with Canopy’s IoT Automations

Learn how Canopy’s IoT Automation capabilities can revolutionize the way your organization handles technical support.

RMM Tech Explained
Remote Management Tactics

This video tutorial walks you through how to take advantage of the IoT Automations module Canopy RMM to automate a variety of tasks including automatic resolution of common downtime issues. In this video we review the following:

  • Intro and Overview of IoT Automations Feature
  • Review a Simple “Smart Alert” Example 
  • Detailed Breakdown of Logic and Command Structure for IoT Automations
  • Review a More Complicated Example.
  • Reducing Manual Support and Device Lifecycle Management Tasks Through Automation

Want to get back more time in your day? Take advantage of Canopy’s IoT Automations module to help your team go from constant firefighting to a more proactive support approach. Check out this video to see them in action or visit our IoT Automations page to learn more.