How Canopy Helped a Global Technology Company

to Improve Digital Signage Management

Learn how our Fortune 100 client successfully addressed display quality problems on their digital signs installed across a global retail chain. Canopy not only resolved image resolution issues, but also increased display uptime, significantly improving the shopper experience.

THE Client

Fortune 100 technology company with a global deployment

Our client is a Fortune 100 technology company with a global deployment of digital signs installed in retail stores. They heavily relied on in-store purchases for sales volume, and ensuring consistency of display performance was a key element to attracting buyers.

The Challenge

Our client faced several key technology challenges with their digital signage solution:

  • Persistent Downtime: The digital signs underwent frequent, unexpected reboots, leading to extended periods of display inactivity (black screen).
  • Mis-Configuration Problems: After system updates, the media players often defaulted to an incorrect screen resolution, causing the ad to appear distorted
  • Reactive Issue Resolution: Our client was only aware of these issues when a store reported them (which rarely happened). Their reactive resolution process was either manually re-adjusting resolution each time with a basic remote desktop tool or dispatching a technician
THE Build

Our client’s signage solution was built around a standard Windows media player, high-resolution LED screens, connectivity hardware, and a traditional content management system (CMS). To improve their remote management capabilities, our client installed Canopy, which provided a central platform to monitor key components of their digital signage solution. This included online/offline status of the signs, display resolution, PC configuration, connectivity hardware health, and status of the CMS. Once the status of these components was made visible, our client was able to build an automated workflow that remotely corrected screen resolution issues when detected.

THE Results

Implementing Canopy brought about tangible improvements for our client's digital signage network:

  • Improved Display Performance: Canopy reduced downtime by 40%, ensuring devices were online and the screen resolution was stable. Through this, Canopy enhanced customer experience and ensured uninterrupted product learning opportunities for store visitors.
  • Support Cost Savings: Through smart alerts and self-healing automations, Canopy was able to solve 98% of store level issues remotely. This reduced the support team’s workload and cut the need for costly onsite technician visits.
  • Analytics: Canopy provided our customer with valuable insights across their entire signage fleet, including screen usage patterns, outage patterns, and historical data.

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