Dec 13, 2023

eBook: Guide to Next Generation Remote Management

Discover the next generation strategies for optimizing remote maintenance and support of smart devices. Download our free eBook today.

Remote Management Tactics

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This eBook is a must-read for Engineering, Support, or Product leaders aiming to optimize the remote management performance of their large smart device deployments. It covers the strategies and insights leading organizations are using to effectively maintain and support hardware solutions, covering everything from technology stacks to operational structures.

Discover the next generation strategies for optimizing remote maintenance and support of smart devices. This eBook, based on extensive analysis of various smart hardware systems and device types, presents proven methodologies for managing and supporting large smart device fleets. It offers insights into challenges and innovative solutions through technology tools, operational processes, and organizational structures. 

Chapter Overview:

Unpacking Downtime: The Top Culprits

  • Investigate the most common causes of device downtime with a deep dive into real-world data from a dataset of over 200K down devices.
  • Review data that reveals how subtle issues like misconfigurations or software crashes are often driven by one or two key factors.

Success Metrics: Benchmarking Your Organization’s Efficiency

  • Analyze benchmark data on remote resolution rates and the impact on uptime and operational cost savings.
  • Discover how top-tier companies measure and achieve success in device management.

Remote Resolve: Enhancing Your Organization Toolkit

  • Explore innovative solutions and strategies for remote troubleshooting and maintenance to keep devices online longer.
  • Learn from examples where advanced remote resolve tactics drastically reduced the need for on-site interventions.

Practicing Proactivity: Spotting Issues Before Customers

  • Uncover techniques for early problem detection, drastically cutting downtime.
  • Delve into how proactive monitoring transforms customer experiences and operational workflows.

Streamlining Support: Automation to Reduce Manual Intervention

  • Understand the scope and impact of automating support ticket resolution.
  • Learn about real scenarios where automation reshaped device support, easing the burden on technical teams.

Analytics in Action: Driving Continuous Improvement

  • Dive into the world of performance analytics and its role in strategic decision-making.
  • Explore how data-driven insights lead to impactful operational changes employed by best-in-class teams.

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