retail solutions

Retail Solutions
with Canopy

From self-checkout solutions, to tablet and touchscreen POS systems, Canopy helps modern retailers manage large networks of connected devices.

Minimize downtime in retail settings

Reduce downtime with your retail solution so you can deliver a best-in-class product experience for your users.

Canopy gives fleet-wide visibility into the health status of your deployment. When issues are spotted at the device level, leverage Canopy to take remote and automatic actions to ensure critical operations run smoothly.

Device Ecosystem

Canopy monitors and manages a variety of point of sale systems , including terminals, scanners, receipt printers, CC readers, and more.

Core Features

Canopy ensures continuous availability of of retail solutions by remotely resolving issues to minimize downtime, providing real-time insights for performance optimization.

Remote Configuration
Automated Issue Recovery
Minimize POS downtime
Minimize Downtime
by remotely resolving issues
Prevent card reader "bricking"
via remote software updates
30% increase
in reporting accuracy and frequency
We have Apple and Android devices, Linux controllers, payment terminals, printers, etc. We needed a single platform with central visibility and management of all the components inside our solution.


reduction in customer support tickets


POS systems deployed across 20,000 restaurant locations