National Point of Sale (POS) Solution Provider Leverages Canopy

for Remote Monitoring and Management.

Revel Systems partnered with Canopy to manage their complex POS infrastructure across 20,000 restaurants. Canopy's streamlined updates and autonomous troubleshooting drastically reduced customer support tickets and doubled the speed of software upgrades, significantly improving Revel's operations and customer satisfaction.

THE Client

Revel POS Systems for Restaurants

Revel oversees more than 50,000 point of sale systems, deployed across 20,000 restaurant locations. Their cloud-based POS system enables restaurants to accept payments across device types, enhancing customer experience and diversifying revenue streams.

The Challenge

Manage Complex POS Systems

Revel needed a way to manage complex POS systems—encompassing hardware, software, firmware, and peripheral devices—across thousands of restaurant locations. Restaurants expressed a need for robust technical support, a crucial requirement given the limited IT resources of restaurant operators. Revel sought a centralized platform for monitoring and managing POS systems to facilitate software upgrades, troubleshoot issues, and avert outages.

"QSR operators typically have a lean corporate team and often don't have a dedicated IT resource. So, managing a growing technology suite across multiple locations is something we look to offer."
– Chris Lybeer, Chief Strategy & Marketing officer at Revel Systems
THE Build

Revel’s standard POS solution consisted of a Linux based controller (called the ‘Revel Guard’), an Apple or Android based tablet, credit card readers, receipt printers, and their proprietary software application. Together all these components delivered a leading cloud-based POS system for customers. Canopy provided Revel with a unified view of devices at the store level and the ability to remotely manage their entire asset fleet. Canopy was designed to initiate actions and alerts, resolving detected issues autonomously to expedite resolution and enhance the customer experience.

"We have thousands of devices deployed across very complex and different environments. We have Apple and Android devices, Linux controllers, payment terminals, printers, etc. We needed a single platform with central visibility and management of all the components inside our solution."
– Clay Hardin, Product Manager at Revel Systems
THE Results

The power of Canopy in action:

  • Streamlined Support Operations: Canopy improved Revel’s ability to resolve customer support issues remotely and often automatically, lowering the cost of support per system.
  • Reduction in Customer Tickets: 50% reduction on customer support tickets after a new software upgrade is released. Canopy helps prevent disruption to restaurant operations, improving Revel’s customer satisfaction.
  • Improve Software Update Process: Canopy deployed thousands of remote software patches on iPads and payment terminals for Revel, doubling the speed of their software update process.

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