Oct 31, 2023

Video Tutorial: Canopy’s RMM integration Splashtop for Remote Desktop

Learn and see how Canopy’s RMM integration with Splashtop for secure remote device access helps with efficient remote device management.

RMM Tech Explained

This video tutorial walks you through the straightforward process of standing Splashtop up within the Canopy platform, enabling remote access with just a single click. 

  • Learn how to effortlessly install and launch Splashtop. 
  • Walk through how Canopy allows you to manage your devices and enable Splashtop permissions for certain users. 
  • See how Canopy and Splashtop allow to streamline the remote troubleshooting process. 

Perfect for both existing and prospective Canopy users, this video tutorial is an essential resource for understanding how Canopy can enhance your remote device management capabilities. Watch now to start simplifying remote access and get the most out of Canopy’s best features.