Oct 27, 2023

5 Ways Visitor Management Kiosks Can Optimize Your Business

Visitor management kiosks can optimize your business, regardless of your industry. Click here for 5 ways they can enhance your operations.

Remote Management Tactics

Visitor management kiosks are rapidly gaining popularity in today's digital age, and for good reason. These innovative solutions are optimizing the way businesses and organizations handle visitor registration and access control. 

Various businesses use visitor management kiosks to achieve several goals: enhancing security, improving the visitor experience, and reducing labor costs, to name a few. Some of the industries and applications where visitor management kiosks are most commonly deployed include corporate offices, healthcare facilities, retail stores, hotels, and event venues. 

Visitor management kiosks can optimize your business in several ways, regardless of your industry. Here are five ways they can enhance your operations:

5 Ways Visitor Management Kiosks Can Optimize Your Business

5 ways that kiosks optimize business

1. Enhanced Security

  • Reduced Human Error: Visitor management kiosks reduce human error, which can lead to security vulnerabilities or inaccurate visitor details.
  • Verification Processes: Many visitor management kiosks have add-on devices that scan IDs, capture photos, and print access badges, ensuring a rigorous verification process for each visitor.
  • Restricted Access: Integrated visitor management systems can limit visitor access based on the scheduled meeting time, department interactions, or specific areas of a building or facility.

2. Better Visitor Experience

  • Faster Visitor Check-in: Self-check-in kiosks help reduce wait times by offering a walk-up ready mechanism to admit guests. Additionally, many visitor management kiosks have pre-registration systems that allow visitors to check in with just a few buttons. 
  • Integration with Other Systems: Visitor kiosks can be integrated with calendar systems, sending automatic notifications to hosts once their visitor checks in so they can know the moment their visitor arrives.
  • More Professional Image: Managing building access through a visitor management kiosk that is branded with your company's logo offers a professional and welcoming first impression for visitors. 

3. Labor Efficiencies and Cost Savings

  • Labor Efficiencies: When a self-check-in kiosk is deployed, front desk staff can redirect their focus to other essential tasks instead of manually managing and registering visitors.
  • Reduced Overhead Costs: Over the long run, the initial investment in a visitor management kiosk often proves more economical than supporting on-site staffing, particularly where round-the-clock monitoring or access management is required.

4. Data Collection and Analytics

  • Valuable Visitor Insights: Visitor kiosks are constantly collecting data on visit times, frequency, and duration, which can provide insights into guest management.
  • Utilization Data: As hybrid and remote working models become the norm, capturing real-world usage data from visitor management kiosks enables leadership to make more informed decisions around resource and space utilization.
  • Feedback Mechanism: Some self-check-in kiosks have built-in survey capabilities, allowing businesses to capture feedback and improve the visitor experience. This is specifically helpful data in retail or live event industries. 

5. Emergency and Compliance Preparedness

  • Emergency Preparedness: Kiosks help administrators keep a real-time track of visitors, aiding in headcounts during emergencies.
  • Compliance and Recordkeeping: Kiosk visitor management systems maintain a secure and accessible log of all building visitors for compliance or any auditing purposes.

Now that we have explored the benefits of using visitor management kiosks, it is equally crucial to recognize the importance of supporting these kiosks with dedicated kiosk monitoring and management software. Using a comprehensive remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool, like Canopy, ensures your kiosk network continues to perform at its peak after initial setup and installation. Let's delve into three specific benefits of using RMM software:

1. Centralized Visibility of Performance:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Kiosk monitoring software provides real-time insights into the operational health of deployed kiosk devices, irrespective of whether they are situated in different parts of a building or scattered globally.
  • Peripheral Health Checks: This software provides granular visibility into essential “peripheral” devices like ID scanners, cameras, touchscreens, and printers. This visibility ensures that every component of your kiosk solution is working to deliver a positive visitor experience.
  • Performance Reporting: Kiosk monitoring and management software provides analytics and trending performance reports, shedding light on the overall uptime and performance of your deployed visitor management kiosks.

2. Resolving Issues Remotely vs. On-Site:

  • Remote Updates: With kiosk monitoring and management software, support teams can directly take action on devices that need updates. They can push software patches and configuration adjustments remotely, which is a proactive measure in maintaining the device's security and uptime performance.
  • Fewer On-Site Support Visits: Having this remote capability eliminates frequent on-site support visits, saving time and resources, especially when issues start to accumulate and the time it takes to get a support team member onsite is extended. 

3. Kiosk Downtime Reduction:

  • Proactive Issue Spotting: The combination of centralized visibility and remote control capabilities ensures that visitors seldom encounter non-functional kiosks. These two features can be combined to spot downtime issues in real-time and give smart alerts about what is causing an issue to minimize downtime.  
  • Self-Healing Automations: Leading platforms, like Canopy, offer automations that instantly react when an issue arises. Self-healing automations ensure visitor management kiosks remain online, mitigating the risk of visitors reporting malfunctions.

Canopy reduces downtime for kiosks


Investing in visitor management kiosks supported by robust monitoring software like Canopy ensures your team will realize the operational efficiencies and visitor experience improvements offered by this self-service solution. 

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