August 16, 2023

Candy Kiosk Case Study

Making it easy to monitor and manage a network unattended candy vending kiosks.

How Canopy is helping

  • Stabilize the existing solution: Resolve all open issues that are preventing the solution from maintaining high availability.
  • Optimize partner relationships: Enhance relationships with third-party technologies providing services such as payments, cellular, software, and hardware in order to rationalize costs and centralize accountability.
  • Enhance monitoring and notification capabilities: Further instrument the kiosks improving visibility, diagnostics to ensure the overall health of the kiosk.
  • Introduction and deployment of CanopyTM: Migrate to a single software platform supporting the end-to-end business.
  • Roadmap execution: Develop and execute on a full technology roadmap aligning with strategic business objectives.
  • Scale and maintenance:  Scale the deployment, and maintain availability for ongoing growth.

How Canopy Works with a Vending Kiosk

Canopy’s edge agent, Leaf, handles device-level integration with the cloud. Leaf solves difficult problems of software provisioning, secure messaging, data synchronization and unreliable networks.

Enhanced Remote Monitoring and Management Capabilities

  • Multi-tenant(partner) web-based portal
  • Rich device instrumentation (Leaf) and monitoring and real-time reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Software distribution

Banyan continues to work closely with The Candy Factory as it evolves its business and product strategy.

Key opportunities and areas of focus where we feel we can provide incremental value and serve to gain strategic momentum include:

  • Incident management resolution / response processes
  • Enterprise reporting and analytics
  • Remote device access and control
  • Automated software updates and configuration management