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‍‍Security System Monitoring

Canopy monitors and manages security systems to ensure comprehensive coverage and minimal downtime.

Canopy use case of security systems

Keep critical security functions running smoothly with 24/7 monitoring

When security and surveillance systems aren't working, properties are vulnerable. Canopy empowers your team to troubleshoot an issue without making a site visit.

If an issue requires a physical touch, Canopy's remote monitoring and management system can tell you exactly which aspect is broken so you can increase the odds of a first-time visit resolution.

Security System Ecosystems We Support

Canopy can support various configurations of unique security systems. We provide granular visibility and control over all the key elements that compose your solution to ensure security operations run smoothly.

A Diagram of how Canopy software can monitor security systems remotely
A technical diagram for security systems using Canopy RMM

Core Features

Canopy provides a single tool to monitor and manage security operations vs. silos by hardware type of OEM.

Real-Time Monitoring

Canopy can enable real-time monitoring of security and surveillance systems, such as cameras, motion sensors and access control systems.

Agnostic at the Endpoint

Security and surveillance operators often have different hardware and technology across properties. Luckily, our software is device agnostic so we can connect to any existing network of devices you need to manage.

Alerts and Notifications

Detect video performance issues before your end-customer notices. Canopy can be configured to send email and text notification alerts when an issue arises.

Automate Tasks

Our RMM software, Canopy, can monitor your system and then perform actions programmatically when necessary. Automate the restarting of devices or updating software quickly and securely.

Personalized Dashboards

Enhanced cloud-based reporting and analytics, provide real-time and on-demand data. Monitor statuses, view metrics and track the performance of any connected devices in your network.

Improved Remote Resolve

Reduce the need for onsite visits with Canopy's remote issue resolution

70% reduction in tickets
Canopy’s automated issue resolution capabilities make support proactive.
Prevent truck rolls
by automated troubleshooting and remote access.
Canopy is a wizard that can make your life less difficult. It can help you in your day-to-day by reducing the number of things you have to do manually today. In technical support, let’s say you get a new ticket, what do you check first? What’s your first course of action – why are you doing that manually? You don’t have to do it manually – Canopy can do it for you.
VP oF Technical support


reduction in ticket volume

2 hours

saved on average every day for support team members