ControllerS, IoT, and PrinterS

Remote Device Management for
Servers, Controllers, IoT, and Printers

Adaptable to your custom device solution, allowing you to remotely monitor and manage specific components critical to your business.

Device Ecosystem

Canopy gives you centralized observability into all the components of your solution. Leverage one tool to manage server hardware and software health remotely.

Canopy's Diagram showing server controllers for RMM
A technical diagram for Servers using Canopy RMM

Core Features

Canopy offers customized monitoring and automation capabilities, seamless integration with your custom devices, and tailored reporting for actionable insights.

Customized Monitoring
Self-Healing Automations
Tailored Reporting
Quicker deployment
Improve the speed of your software deployment process
70% in support tickets
due to Canopy’s automated resolution capabilities
Scale your fleet size
without adding headcount
Canopy gave us centralized visibility and automated issue resolution so we could scale our business without increasing support staff.


Deployed sites without increasing the size of the support team


increase in solution performance visibility with centralized data capture and reporting