Maximize Uptime For Your Digital Signage Systems

Canopy monitors and manages digital signage systems and media players, ensuring you deliver captivating visual experiences.

Digital Signage Device Ecosystem

Canopy monitors all the key components of your digital signage software, including online/offline status of the signs, display resolution, PC configuration, connectivity hardware health, and status of the CMS.

Digital Signage Core Features

Canopy enables remote updates and monitoring and provides valuable insights for signage performance (uptime).

Display Health Monitoring / Resolution Monitoring
Software (CMS) Monitoring
Automated Recovery / Self-healing
Improve uptime
by monitoring and resolving issues in real time
Improve content delivery
via remote software deployments
Improve remote resolve
through smart alerts and self-healing automations.
Canopy gives us remote visibility into the display. Unless we sent someone onsite to look, we'd never see it was down. Even with regular site visits, it's costly and doesn't cover days we aren't onsite.


Improved uptime


Remote resolve success rate