custom product solutions

Leverage Canopy to support your Custom Hardware Solutions

Canopy is an enterprise scale platform that can be tailored to fit the needs of your unique hardware.

Your unique ecosystem managed through Canopy

Often, out-of-the-box RMMs don't get the job done for your unique solution. From peripherals to software, Canopy is designed to give you full visibility and control over every aspect of your hardware solution so your team can focus on what's most important.

A Canopy RMM diagram showing a custom Hardware system setup for remote device management

Core Features

We understand the complexity of supporting unattended devices at scale. Canopy's enterprise platform capabilities are designed to support unique hardware like yours.

OS and Hardware Agnostic
Customizable Performance Dashboards
Self-healing Automation Workflows
Real-time Health Monitoring
Reporting and Analytics Tracking
Improve solution uptime
by monitoring and resolving issues in real time
Increase valuable insights
specific to your unique device ecosystem
Without endpoint monitoring, managing devices at scale was impossible. If a device goes down, customers can't transact, and we lose revenue. The real differentiator was the large number and types of devices Canopy can connect to...


deployed sites without increasing the size of the support team


increase in solution performance visibility with centralized data capture and reporting.